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T33: 미트볼

Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q4831844: meatballdish made from ground meat rolled into a small ball-like form
Commons category
  • Meatballs
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  • Category:Meatballs
has part(s)
  • meat
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subclass of
  • [No label]
  • meat dish
  • minced food ball
permanent duplicated item
  • [No label]
different from
  • [No label]

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— Freebase ID: /m/01bzmc — USDA NDB number: 07972 — Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID: 0121468 — OmegaWiki Defined Meaning: 908575 — KBpedia ID: Meatball — WordNet 3.1 Synset ID: 07887412-n — YSO ID: 26888

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