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T193: 부대찌개

Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q704006: budae-jjigaejjigae (Korean stew) made with ham, sausage, Spam, baked beans, kimchi and gochujang, invented shortly after the Korean War from scrounged or smuggled surplus foods from the U. S. army bases, after which the dish is named
Commons category
  • Budaejjigae
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subclass of
  • soup
  • food
  • jjigae
country of origin
  • Korea
has part(s)
  • ham
  • sausage
  • Spam
  • kimchi
  • gochujang
  • baked beans
named after
  • United States Forces Korea
native label
  • 부대찌개
  • 존슨탕

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