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— Freebase ID: /m/08f_0k — Library of Congress authority ID: no2011015016 n2011027061 — VIAF ID: 184588430 284657753 — Twitter username: openstreetmap — Facebook ID: OpenStreetMap — GitHub username: openstreetmap — ID: openstreetmap — GND ID: 1067339671 1095266551 — Quora topic ID: OpenStreetMap — File Format Wiki page ID: Open_Street_Map — Datahub page: openstreetmap osm — subreddit: openstreetmap — Framalibre ID: openstreetmap — Bibliothèque nationale de France ID: 16993444v — National Library of Israel ID (old): 002136214 — NKCR AUT ID: pna2017938689 ph820630 — Open Hub ID: osm — Telegram username: OpenStreetMapOrg — Zhihu topic ID: 19670122 — OmegaWiki Defined Meaning: 866319 — organisation ID: openstreetmap — French Vikidia ID: OpenStreetMap — WorldCat Identities ID: lccn-n2011027061 — RegiowikiAT ID: 15786 — Open Library subject ID: openstreetmap openstreetmap_(project) — GitHub topic: osm openstreetmap — AlternativeTo software ID: openstreetmap — National Library of Israel J9U ID: 987007604921605171 — Canadiana Name Authority ID: ncf11837566 — IdRef ID: 259763276 — Mastodon address: [email protected] — Discord server numeric ID: 413070382636072960 — LoC and MARC vocabularies ID: identifiers/opensm — U.S. trademark serial number: 85845881

  1. By .

    The file that is attached to this post.

    I’m not that patriotic (as in Korean perspective — or maybe nationalistic for some) guy that I don’t really feel much about most of nationalism issues, but when Mapbox is disobeying their de facto statement and displaying Takeshima in place of Dokdo (Whatever Japan claims, it is de facto controlled by the Republic of Korea, thus Dokdo), I have to question Mapbox’s quality that it is not reliable for any use whatsoever, even for personal use like me. I’m gonna convert to Google Maps this week. I really liked Mapbox Street’s design, but that’s it. A full stop here. I liked this for a day or two, but meh. I may recosider when they change the name to either Dokdo or Liancourt Rocks (acceptable alternative).

    The main OSM tile and thunderforest’s tile (I tested atlas) correctly says ‘Dokdo’, for the record.