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T18: 카드목록

Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q19312063: card catalogtype of library of catalog
Commons category
  • Card catalogs
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subclass of
  • library catalog
  • index card
  • filing cabinet
used by
different from
  • card catalog

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Authority Control:
— GND ID: 4502311-6 — Google Knowledge Graph ID: /g/125_k4fdg — Library of Congress authority ID: sh85020903 — FAST ID: 1727772 — Bibliothèque nationale de France ID: 135539371 — Art & Architecture Thesaurus ID: 300026612 — Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID: topic/card-catalog — ODLIS ID: c.aspx#cardcatalog — JSTOR topic ID: card-catalogs — BabelNet ID: 17872567n — DPLA subject term: Card catalogs — WordNet 3.1 Synset ID: 06500310-n — UNSPSC Code: 56121004 — National Library of Israel J9U ID: 987007284861505171 — U.S. National Archives Identifier: 10628879 — Encyclopedia of China (Third Edition) ID: 86723 — Quora topic ID: Card-Catalog-System — Brockhaus Enzyklopädie online ID: zettelkatalog — Interlingual Index ID: i70547 — Thesaurus for Graphic Materials ID: tgm001678 — Store norske leksikon ID: kortkatalog — Dictionary of Archives Terminology ID: card-catalog

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