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T144: WikimediaPlanet (en)

This is a trimmed down version of (‘Wikimedia’) for inclusion at Mostly non-images with some thoughts included.

NOTE: I typically don’t add this tag to the articles with rant, but I can’t guarantee it.

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    Well point 1 proven (somewhat) wrong with Google deal.

    I still find it bit weird for WMF to beg for donor money, put it in WMF’s own jar, and make free money out of contributor’s work.

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    Two stuff in mind:

    1. I dunno how sustainable it is, given those rich enough to pay for that Enterprise API also has enough money to hire the human to replace Enterprise API.
    2. I feel like don’t want WMF to make money from my unpaid work, without doing enough in return to the editors - who ultimately gives them the chance to earn that $$$.