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Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q364: GitHubhosting service for software projects using Git
Commons category
  • GitHub
founded by
  • Tom Preston-Werner
  • Chris Wanstrath
  • P. J. Hyett
logo image
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instance of
  • service on Internet
  • forge
  • data library
  • identity provider
  • web application
  • repository hosting service
  • repository web interface
  • social networking service
  • crowdsourced project
official website
headquarters location
  • San Francisco
Stack Exchange tag
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official blog
  • Octocat
topic's main category
  • Category:GitHub
  • United States of America
chief executive officer
  • Chris Wanstrath
  • Nat Friedman
number of registered users/contributors
  • +40000000
  • github
language of work or name
  • English
owned by
  • Microsoft
  • GitHub Inc.
  • Microsoft
name in kana
  • ギットハブ
Alexa rank
  • +64
  • +57
  • +77
search formatter URL
official name
  • GitHub
  • +2007-10-19T00:00:00Z
date of official opening
  • +2008-04-10T00:00:00Z
based on
named after
  • jQuery
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown
privacy policy URL
terms of service URL
API endpoint
small logo or icon
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operating area
  • Earth
  • Earth
service status information URL
social media followers
  • +172000
  • +200000
  • +2400128
  • +256000
parent organization
  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft
described by source
  • The varying openness of digital open science tools
user manual URL
official shop URL
different from
  • GitHub Inc.
has quality
  • gamification

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  1. By .

    At the end of last year, GitHub introduced the Merge Queue, a mirror of GitLab’s (premium-tier only) Merge Trains feature to do exactly this.

    Well, there was homu doing the merge queue thing long before the GitLab implemented “merge train”, and there’s still some forks and reimplementations doing same thing.