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Wikidata logo. Wikidata item Q22906785: Matrixnetworking protocol for real-time communication and data synchronization
instance of
  • computer network protocol
  • distributed social network
  • instant messaging
subclass of
  • representational state transfer
official website
has part(s)
  • Double Ratchet Algorithm
IRC channel
copyright license
  • Apache License, Version 2.0
official blog
website account on
  • Liberapay
logo image
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Commons category
publication date
  • +2014-00-00T00:00:00Z
has use
  • instant messaging
  • federation
copyright status
  • copyrighted
IM channel URL
issue tracker URL
based on
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • WebRTC
OSI Model layer location
  • application layer
  • +8448
  • +8008
  • The Foundation
official name
  • Matrix
social media followers
  • +10920
  • +13397
  • +22112
  • +25375
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Authority Control:
— ID: matrix — Mastodon address: [email protected] — GitHub username: matrix-org — Twitter username: matrixdotorg — Google Knowledge Graph ID: /g/11bv302qqv — Patreon ID: matrixdotorg — YouTube channel ID: UCVFkW-chclhuyYRbmmfwt6w — Matrix room:

  1. By .

    I’ve deactivated my old matrix instance (at as I had no resource (namely, time) to maintain it. But I’ve figured out and they now manage my (new) instance at

    If someone uses matrix, you can talk to me via - or the classic Discord (at ).