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Text editors of my choice

Re: My text editors by Ben Werdmüller

  • VS code for pseudo-coding activities (I don’t call myself coder or any sort of it).
  • Hangul the Word Processor when dealing with Republic of Korea Government (and fully-owned subsidiaries of it and public/private schools).
    • Really occasionally MS Words when I absolutely must use it.
  • Google Docs for most casual writings
  • MediaWiki when dealing with wiki stuff (for… obvious reasons)
    • It also powers my personal wiki which is basically my second brain (tm) stuff.
  • Notion is my non-public second brain (tm) while I sort of think I should be replacing it with something else that lets me be the owner of the stuff I have.

That’s all I recall for now.



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    • I missed the Day One which handles my private posts which are NOT intended to be made public in any way forever.
    • I am considering replacing Notion with some self-hosted stuff to get rid of cloud dependency (and mostly to have some sovereignty over the app I use because I was mildly pissed off at Notion’s recent iOS design update). Haven’t decided on which to move to.
      • As a bare minimum, I require it to be accessible on iOS, macOS, and Windows. Ideally Android too but Android is a wishlist, not a requirement. (My main mobile phone is iPhone, not Android.)