Revi's micro home


So… while I have been using a software that’s mostly aligned with the indieweb value (Twyne aims to operate within the indieweb) I was not really participating in the indieweb scene. I sorta want to make contacts with the community, albeit slowly due to impending life events.

Two things in mind:

  1. I need to have a homepage with some links doing rel=me (so I can do indieAuth). I have few domains, and I’m undecided on which domain to choose as a “main” domain for indieAuth.
  2. I’ll need to learn how to code to selfdogfood twyne (and other stuff).



  1. By .

    I forgot… that I need to migrate my non-blogged images (which takes a large portion of my posts as of now) from Flickr or Wikimedia Commons to this blog.

    My Commons archive is gonna be about few hundreds and Flickr will be a bit less than that.