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WMF Board election 2022

This year’s candidates are:

  1. Farah Jack Mustaklem
  2. Mike Peel
  3. Gilbert Ndihokubwayo
  4. Tobechukwu Precious Friday
  5. Lionel Scheepmans
  6. Abakar B
  7. Joris Darlington Quarshie
  8. Egbe Eugene Agbor
  9. Kunal Mehta
  10. Shani Evenstein Sigalov
  11. Gina Bennett
  12. Michał Buczyński

I have opinion on two based on my past interaction, and is gonna be “whatever” for the rest. This is generally the case for most elections, on-wiki or IRL – I have hard opinion (not willing to negotiate) with some of the candidates, and have no opinion whatsoever for the rest.

  • Kunal M. gets my “HELL YES” sticker. Competent, knowledgeable, and kind person with no negative interactions till date as far as I remember. (That is, 9 years and few months)
  • Shani E. gets my “HELL NO” sticker. Opposing because of her arrogance. Someone else told me they’ve ran away in the middle of Wikipedia rebranding scam discussion, so if true that’ll be another reason. (“Revisiting after Dec 26” which never happened.)

I can’t really “oppose” someone in the STV system (shit) so I’m just voting for Kunal.

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  1. By .

    I obtained a sneak peek of “Candidates Analysis” (logic here) result summary.

    Point of interest:

    • Only the currently sitting Board member (that is, you know, Shani E.) got the maximum overall ratings.
      • Coincidentally, that board member is the only one who got the maximum rating in certain categories. (Specificially “Sought Skills” and “Human Rights & Underrepresentation” categories)

    I’ve got few more tips but I couldn’t verify it myself so not writing it here. I am really not sure if this is a some sort of canvassing or not.