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August 2022

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    Finished reading: 주제와 변주 2 by 인디고서원 📚

    다 읽은 지는 쫌 됐는데 업데이트를 까먹은.

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    [네이버 지도] 올바른스시 홍대직영점

    서울 마포구 동교로 199-1 1층 올바른스시

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    I’m not that patriotic (as in Korean perspective — or maybe nationalistic for some) guy that I don’t really feel much about most of nationalism issues, but when Mapbox is disobeying their de facto statement and displaying Takeshima in place of Dokdo (Whatever Japan claims, it is de facto controlled by the Republic of Korea, thus Dokdo), I have to question Mapbox’s quality that it is not reliable for any use whatsoever, even for personal use like me. I’m gonna convert to Google Maps this week. I really liked Mapbox Street’s design, but that’s it. A full stop here. I liked this for a day or two, but meh. I may recosider when they change the name to either Dokdo or Liancourt Rocks (acceptable alternative).

    The main OSM tile and thunderforest’s tile (I tested atlas) correctly says ‘Dokdo’, for the record.

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    I would like to do ex post facto scrobbling from the Youtube Music history to (because I listen to music via iOS where Apple does not let you scrobble from another apps) but it seems like there is currently no way to do it. RIP and sticking to Spotify (LOL). Paying extra because I have Youtube Music via Youtube Premium at KRW8690, and have to pay KRW11990 to get scrobbling. Ouch.

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    At the end of last year, GitHub introduced the Merge Queue, a mirror of GitLab’s (premium-tier only) Merge Trains feature to do exactly this.

    Well, there was homu doing the merge queue thing long before the GitLab implemented “merge train”, and there’s still some forks and reimplementations doing same thing.

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    헌트 (2022, 이정재 감독)


    시대를 감안해도 쫄보에겐 너무 강렬한