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    1경축 (0.9재획비: 30일짜리 자석펫 뿌리는 김에 재획비도 먹어 봄.)

    • Lv247 10.450% -> Lv247 21.661%
    • 메소 잔고 507,822,944 (전일대비 +79,296,736, 약 15.6% 증가)
      • 메소 잔고를 적어둔 이유: 하루에 얼마를 줍는지 증감량을 얼추 추적하고 싶음.
      • 재획 없이 쓸만한 홀리 심볼/어빌리티만 있어서 메획 11%/아획 30%
      • 소형 경축비 구매에 14,944,438메소 사용했음.
      • 오늘은 재획 마시고 메획 33% /아획 50%
      • 자석펫 당연히. 없음.
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    So… while I have been using a software that’s mostly aligned with the indieweb value (Twyne aims to operate within the indieweb) I was not really participating in the indieweb scene. I sorta want to make contacts with the community, albeit slowly due to impending life events.

    Two things in mind:

    1. I need to have a homepage with some links doing rel=me (so I can do indieAuth). I have few domains, and I’m undecided on which domains to choose as a “main” domain for indieAuth.
    2. I’ll need to learn how to code to selfdogfood twyne (and other stuff).
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    This year’s candidates are:

    1. Farah Jack Mustaklem
    2. Mike Peel
    3. Gilbert Ndihokubwayo
    4. Tobechukwu Precious Friday
    5. Lionel Scheepmans
    6. Abakar B
    7. Joris Darlington Quarshie
    8. Egbe Eugene Agbor
    9. Kunal Mehta
    10. Shani Evenstein Sigalov
    11. Gina Bennett
    12. Michał Buczyński

    I have opinion on two based on my past interaction, and is gonna be “whatever” for the rest.

    • Kunal M. gets my “HELL YES” sticker. Competent, knowledgeable, and kind person with no negative interactions till date as far as I remember. (That is, 9 years and few months)
    • Shani E. gets my “HELL NO” sticker. Opposing because of her arrogance. Someone else told me they’ve ran away in the middle of Wikipedia rebranding scam discussion, so if true that’ll be another reason. (“Revisiting after Dec 26” which never happened.)

    I can’t really “oppose” someone in the STV system (shit) so I’m just voting for Kunal.

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    The file that is attached to this post.

    이게되네 2022

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    The file that is attached to this post.


    • Lv247 1.993% -> Lv247 10.450%
    • 메소 잔고 428,526,208 (전일대비 +24,014,682, 약 5.6% 증가)
      • 메소 잔고를 적어둔 이유: 하루에 얼마를 줍는지 증감량을 얼추 추적하고 싶음.
      • 재획 없이 쓸만한 홀리 심볼/어빌리티만 있어서 메획 11%/아획 30%
      • 자석펫 당연히. 없음.
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    • Back in November 2021, I sent some legal policy question to [email protected] I had to bug my T&S folks (liaising stewards & WMF) at least 3-5 (possibly more than that) times to get a response, which… came in March 2022 with of course, full of vague “legalese”.
    • Some WMF folk sent email to checkuser-l asking for feedback on something they’ve been working on. I gave them the feedback they asked for. They did not bother to reply.

    Looks like this… is telling me something? Well, things haven’t much changed since 2020.

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    Re: Thanking the members of the Funds Dissemination Committee by Shani Evenstein

    The role previously filled by the FDC as a sub-committee to the Board to review the Wikimedia Foundation’s annual plan will be carried out through a movement-wide feedback process that will be built into the Annual Planning Process.

    I am somewhat worried that WMF will use this as their already-exhibiting “say whatever you like during so-called feedback process, and we will do whatever pleases us in the end” tactic. Unless we the community unite and say “HELL NO”, they usually points their middle finger at us and do it anyway.

    EDIT (2022-07-03 09:27 KST): I sort of said the similar thing back in December 2020 (w/r/t feedback process): Oh, and stop doing so called ‘consultation’ and pretend as if you listened to us. You did not.

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    Well point 1 proven (somewhat) wrong with Google deal.

    I still find it bit weird for WMF to beg for donor money, put it in WMF’s own jar, and make free money out of contributor’s work.

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    The file that is attached to this post.

    메이플 250버닝 하길래 (메이플 하던 시절 목표였던) 235 찍어서 방치하던 캐릭 250은 찍어 주려고 오랜만에 켜 봄.

    하이퍼버닝 레벨 보상으로 나온 코젬으로 메르 4중6코 코어까지 강화 끝.

    하이퍼버닝 250까지 1업.

    • Lv244 93.900% -> Lv247 1.993%
    • 메소 잔고 404,511,526
      • 메소 잔고를 적어둔 이유: 하루에 얼마를 줍는지 증감량을 얼추 추적하고 싶음.
      • 재획 없이 쓸만한 홀리 심볼/어빌리티만 있어서 메획 11%/아획 30%
      • 자석펫 당연히. 없음.
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    Re: Internet Explorer is almost gone by Rohan Kumar

    There are still companies that require you to use their sites in Internet Explorer with compatibility mode (emulates either IE 7 or IE 5, depending on some properties of the markup/headers).

    According to Maeil Economy News (Korean only), Korean Government websites including…

    So indeed there are some IE lovers and they are likely to stick around until at least end of this year.